England Bound

I’ve got a very important trip to England coming up this month. This trip is going to go a long way in getting me familiarized with navigating and surviving while at sea and gaining knowledge and confidence in actually rowing an ocean rowboat on the water.

I’m flying out of Vancouver on April 23rd, arriving in London in the morning of Friday April 24th and getting on a train for Teignmouth. I’ll be attending a 7-day training and certification course as required by the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge at SeaSports Southwest. I’m really looking forward to learning about sea survival, navigation, first aid, VHF, and tons of other ocean rowing-related information.

On Friday, May 1st, once I’m officially licensed and certified, I’ll be heading up to Bristol to spend the weekend with Elsa Hammond and her partner Steve. I’ll have the opportunity to row in Elsa’s boat Darien, which she used in the Great Pacific Race 2014. She got the furthest of all the solo competitors, however, the weather did not allow her to make it far enough west to continue her progress to Hawaii and she needed to retire from the race after spending more than 50 days at sea. Her boat Darien is available for Charter, so this weekend will give me great hands-on experience with one of the boats that could be available to me when I’m finally ready to put down the money on a boat (i.e. have a few major sponsors).

Monday, May 4th will be a travel day for me. I’ll be heading east across the country to the other coast and landing in Burnham-on-Crouch. There I will settle into my adorable hotel, Anchor Hotel, and spend two days of training with the very experienced folks at Rannoch Adventure.

On Wednesday, May 6th I take the train into London. As it turns out a friend of mine who moved out of the country, now lives in London and he’s offered to put me up for a couple of days. So fun! It’ll be great to see him and really nice to know that I’m looked after by a friend on my last two days in the big city. Hopefully, I’ll get to see some of the city, but my main priority is ocean rowing. I’d like to meet up with my PR goddess, Lucy Northmore, and possibly some other important meetings. Finally, I fly home on Friday, May 8th.

It’s going to be good!

This is my largest investment to date in this exciting adventure. This trip is a vital part of this process and my first chance to do practical training. If you can, please donate some money to help offset the costs. Your contribution goes a long way in making this ocean row happen, keeping the campaign going, and raising awareness and money for Canadian Blood Services. Thanks so much.

Give online at my GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/frfls4

Or email me to make alternate arrangements: brendalrobbins@gmail.com

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